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- Patients/parents wear masks (for sure) and gloves ( if feasible) to the office. We will provide them if necessary. Gloves worn     from outside the office will be hand sanitized upon entering the office.


- A filled out Covid health form at each appointment valid for that day. The Covid Risk Form only needs to be signed for the   first appointment.

- We do our best to stagger appointments so that patients aren’t checking in and checking out at the same time. 

- We use HEPA filtration in clinical areas. 

- We follow OSHA guidelines for infection control.

- Common areas and surfaces are frequently disinfected, including the exam room between each patient.


- No-touch temporal (forehead) temperature will be obtained at each visit


- A 1 minute swish with a 50:50 mix of hydrogen peroxide/water just prior to being seated in dental chair is required.

Elbow Greetings
People with Masks

For all of our safety, we have incorporated the MN Board of Dentistry's pandemic guidelines which include the following:

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