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we offer both esthetic ceramic (clear) and traditional metal braces (silver or gold )
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  Metal vs. Ceramic Braces Comparison


While ceramic braces are tough, they’re made from a different material that can chip or crack upon impact. If you play rough sports where that’s a real possibility, metal may be your best bet.

Metal braces tend to move your teeth slightly faster than ceramic, through ceramic braces are faster than Invisalign.

Generally speaking, metal braces are less expensive than ceramic.

This is certainly the biggest difference. Ceramic braces aren’t nearly as noticeable as metal. Though the metal braces of today are much smaller when compared to what they used to look like, they aren’t transparent.

Ceramic braces are an ideal option for people (generally adults) that want to better straighten and align their teeth, but also feel confident in social and professional situations. Metal braces are great for anyone of course (mainly kids and teens), but especially those who play sports, have severe misalignment, or are more interested in having colorful smile as you will have the option of adding colored elastics (rubber bands).

Curious how brackets put on?

Watch this short video to learn how we do it.

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