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Dental Insurance Benefits sometimes include partial coverage for orthodontics. Typically benefits are capped at a lifetime maximum per individual with a 50% co-payment feature.  

Benefits are generally paid out over the length of the treatment, meaning that if the coverage is lost or changed during treatment, benefits may prematurely terminate.

While we will assist you by filing a pre-determination of benefits, we cannot guarantee payment from the insurer and we are in no position to influence your insurance carrier.

Please contact our office if you have questions about your insurance at 612-332-0130.

Many companies offer the option of setting aside pre-tax dollars to pay for healthcare related orthodontics not fully covered by insurance.

Typically, you must decide during your open-enrollment period how much to withhold from your pay check for the entire year. Since our fees and treatment duration are established in advance you will be able to make this calculation.

We can adjust our billing cycle to coordinate with your flex plan, call our office with questions about pre-tax dollars.Remember that you are saving many out of pocket dollars when you use pre-tax dollars to finance your orthodontic fees.

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